Whitnall Tee Times

Everyone plays from the gold tees.

Give $2 to Lyle at the clubhouse for skins, pay for golf/carts at the counter.  

County pass holders can ask the starter about their gift card accounts, which can be used to pay for golf/food/drink/apparel.

Flights and hole events are printed on the back of the scorecards, and there will be info cards available.

Format: 1-2-3 Waltz

On the 1st hole, only the lowest net score is counted for each team. On hole 2, the lowest two net scores.  On hole 3, the lowest 3 net scores.  We repeat this pattern starting again on hole 4 until the round is complete. Record all scores as you usually would without any additional markings.

If your ball is not in the hole after 9 strokes, pick it up and mark ten.  

Putt everything out.  If you pick up your ball and do not complete the hole, mark 10 on the card.

Team 1 - 7:04am
Paul Jonas
Joe Stray
Dale Somers
Blind Draw

Team 2 - 7:12am
Bob Freuck
Bill Becker
Clyde Dartey
Blind Draw

Team 3 - 7:20am
Bob Gerszewski

Augie Gerschwiler
John Franckowiak

Team 4 - 7:28am
Chris Christianson
Ross Hartung
Mike Johnson
Joe Kubacki

Team 5 - 7:36am
Mike Bremmer
Dan Carlson
Jerry Barbian
Candy Espinoza

Team 6 - 7:44am
Larry Kleineider
Joe Switalski
Dave Krzyston
Mark Boals

Team 7 - 7:52am
Cary Schmidt
John Becker
Paul Gorecki
Al Hoover

Team 8 - 8:00am
Lyle Teskie
Bernie Raml
Gerry Loga
John Haeflinger