Membership Information

Grant Park Men’s Club is a casual, competitive golf league with something for everyone. All events are based on handicap, and we encourage golfers of all skill levels to join. Our golf membership is made up of golfers of all ages with single to double-digit handicaps. Various events are scheduled, including team events, singles match play, two-man match play, two-man best ball, etc. Members can sign up for as many or as few events as they want.

Our membership dues are $90, which includes a handicap calculated by the Wisconsin State Golf Association.

Players are responsible for covering the cost of any green fees, carts, or skins for events they sign up for. Green fees are typically paid either directly to the course or to Grant Park Men’s Club, depending on the event.

There is also a small fee for members who want to participate in Singles, Two-Man, or the Summer Cup.

If you have any questions or wish to inquire about joining the Grant Park Men’s Club reach out to our Membership Chairman Erik Bronson at

Please note that the dues were updated for 2024:

  • The fee for Singles has increased to $10 to keep the payout higher with the newly created A & B brackets.
  • The Two Man fee has been raised to allow for a payout to the top 4 places.
  • Summer Cup has a new fee to allow for a better payout.
  • All dues for Single Man, Two Man, and Summer Cup go to the payout for each event.

2024 Membership Dues

Base FeeFee w/Optional Events Included
Membership Dues$90$90
Singles (Optional)$10
Two Man (Optional)$10
Summer Cup (Optional)$10
Flag Day (Optional)$15