Whitnall Results

Great job on pace of play. Much appreciated and I am sure James at Whitnall appreciates it as well.
FYI, there was some confusion on flights/etc today. And, this is not something I saw, or realized, until
working on the results. The handicap rating at Whitnall was lower for most people than the cut-off of
19. This will be the case at most places due to the tee selection. Mike is finding out if there is a way
in the system to give split tees for future events (if you guys are ok with that). The current problem is
that I do not have a way of splitting the tee boxes without doing 2 separate events in the system.
Future clarification on this. Flights are based off of your index at the time we get things set up for the
event and not the course handicap. I had no idea until I looked at the handicaps on the scorecards
after the fact. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to pull everyone’s course handicap prior to
every event. There is no other way to do this other than individually (as far as I know) and it takes a
lot of time to complete this.
Below are the results, once finalized, Ken will add to your Milwaukee County gift card balances.
Please double check in a week or so that the funds were added.

Team net (low net 1 st hole, 2 low net 2 nd , 3 low net third hole, rinse and
Team 9: Olen/Lange/Jonas/Kleineider - 130 - $20.00 each
Team 3: Haeflinger/Raml/Benes/Schmidt - 131 - $13.00 each
Team 6: Hartung/Gerszewski/Franckowiak/Gorecki - 131 - $7.00 each
Team 1: Bronson/Zirtzlaff (blind draw)/J Becker/Thomsen - 133
Team 4: Espinoza/Switalski/Edman/Casillas - 133 (Note - Dave does not have an actual handicap yet,
so we used 15 for this event - spoke with Cary in regards)
Team 2: Boals/Kubacki/Carlson/Johnson - 135
Team 8: Stray/Thiry/Somers/Blind - 135
Team 5: Freuck/Zuvich/B. Becker/Augie G. - 138
Team 7: Riemann/Tomsevics/Kiehl/Walfoort - 139
Team 10: Bremmer/Chirstianson/Hoover/Steffes - 142

A Flight $7.00 each
Hole 1 - Cary Schmidt
Hole 3 - Bob Freuck
Hole 5 - Jack Walfoort
Hole 9 - Mark Olen
Hole 11 - Daniel Thomsen
Hole 15 - Cary Schmidt
Hole 18 - Paul Jonas

B Flight $7.00 each
Hole 1 - Dave Casillas
Hole 4 - Jeremy Zuvich
Hole 13 - Paul Gorecki
Hole 16 - Al Hoover

Hole Events $6.00 each
Longest Putt - Jeremy Zuvich

Low Gross: Tie Cary Schmidt/Dan Thomsen

Low Net: Tie Paul Gorecki/Paul Jonas

A Flight
Closest to pin Hole 3 - Paul Jonas
Longest Drive Hole 11 - Daniel Thomsen
Closest in 2 Hole 18 - Paul Jonas

B Flight
Closest in 2 Hole 8 - Augie G
Closest in 1 Hole 15 - Erik Bronson
Longest Drive Hole 16 - Erik Bronson

Mike and Erik