Ives Grove Tee Times

*******Apologies, however had some cancellations and needed to move a few things around, can't send out groups of 2.  Changes are starred(******)  Again, my apologies, stuff comes up.  If any issues with this, please let me know ASAP so I am not changing things last minute.  Thank you for your patience.

The yellow ball moves between the group in order of the scorecard.  The cards will be marked with the appropriate person assigned with a super duper, original, fancy, yellow highlighter.  Basically low handicap starts and it moves in order.  The net score from the yellow ball and the next best net score are used for the team.  You are playing with your partners.  The goal is to bring the yellow ball in.   Payouts TBD based on how many yellow balls come in. Max on any hole is a 10, so if you are not in the cup on 9, you can pick up and mark a 10.  Also, local rule in place.


Whoever loses the ball has to streak through the quad and in to the gymnasium while singing I Love a Parade like Clark Griswold (National Lampoon’s Vacation) in the desert.  Surely I can’t be serious, I am serious and don’t call me Shirley.  (this is a joke, nobody wants to see that).   



We are playing white/blue course and the gold tees for this event. Cost is $35.00 (cash/check made to GPMC) paid to GPMC in the clubhouse (Erik will be there early).  $1.00 for skins. Carts are $18.00 paid to the front desk.  We are expected to finish in 4 hours and 20ish minutes.  



***The flights were determined by the average of the course handicaps as of 09/02/2023.  


Hole Events

A flight 16/under

Close in 2 - hole 4

Close in 3 - hole 10

Close in 1 - hole 16


B flight 17/over

Close in 3 - hole 5

Close in 1 - hole 8

Close in 2 - hole 12


Hole number 18

Longest First Putt in the cup everyone



****Handicap numbers are not what will be on the scorecards (yes 100% of handicap - last time I make that mistake), this was just the course handicap as of 09/02 when the tee times were put together.



-Doug Wruck (12)

-Ross Hartung (13)

-Joe Kubacki (20)

-Al Hoover (23)



-John Lange (9)

-Joe Stray (16)

-Jeremy Zuvich (20)

-John Haeflinger (25)



-Bernie Raml (17)

-Bob Olen (21)

-Candy Espinoza (24)




-Dan Carlson (10)

-Joe Switalski (13)

-John Becker (17)

-Mike Johnson (19)



-Glen Edman (10)

-Mark Olen (15)

-Augie G. (19)

-Gary Nelson (24)



-Brian McKinley (8)

-Mark Boals (33)

********************Jack Walfoort (10)******************

********************Ken Lauffer (32)********************



-Cary Schmidt (5)

-Bob Gerszewski (13)

-Mike Colloton (21)

-Dale Somers (23)



-Mark Thiry (7)

-Chris Christianson (13)

-Jerry Barbian (21)

-Gerry Loga (22)



-Larry Kleineider (5)

-Mike Tomsevics (10)

-Bob Freuck (11)

-Erik Bronson (20)



Any issues, please let me (Erik) know.