Four Man Tee Times

The Grant Park 4 Man event is fast approaching.  Teams are set, and event details and tee times are listed below.


Scores for this event should be recorded as with any other event.  Putt everything out, and if your ball isn’t in the hole after your 9th stroke, pick it up and mark 10.

Please see Lyle or Erik in the clubhouse to pay your $5 skins for both days.  Greens fees can be paid for at the counter.

Format: Four Man Waltz  

Each team member is required to use their net score on 2 designated holes per front and back 9, with the next lowest net score from the team also being counted. On holes 9 and 18, the two lowest net scores from the team are used. 


On holes 1 & 2, the highest handicap player’s net score is used along with the other lowest net score from the team.  On holes 3 & 4, the 2nd highest handicap player’s score is used along with the lowest net score from the team.  And so on for the 3rd and 4th highest handicaps for holes 5/6 and 7/8.  Again, on holes 9 and 18, the two lowest net scores from the team are used. 

On day two, the order will be reversed with the low handicap player’s scores being counted first.

Team 1: 7:04

Dan Carlson

Augie Gerscwhiler

Scott Schneider

Al Hoover

Team 2: 7:12

John Franckowiak

Bob Gerszewski

Gary Nelson

Bernie Raml

Team 3: 7:20

Ken Lauffer

Gerry Loga

Dave Krzyston

Justin Clintsman

Team 4: 7:28

John Becker

Chris Christianson

Mike Colloton

Jack Walfoort

Team 5: 7:36

Doug Wruck

Jerry Barbian

Candy Espinoza

Mike Bremmer

Team 6: 7:44

Bob Olen

Art Maes

Ryan Olen

Mark Olen

Team 7: 7:52

Bill Hoffman

Larry Kleineider

Cary Schmidt

Mike Steffes

Team 8: 8:00

Mark Boals

Mike Tomsevics

Paul Gorecki

Blind Draw

Team 9: 8:08

Ross Hartung

Joe Switalski

Glen Edman

Brian McKinley

Team 10: 8:16

Bob Freuck

John Haeflinger

Jack Flemming

Bill (Bob) Becker

Team 11: 8:24

Russ Jankowski 

Vern Olson 

Jeremy Zuvich

Blind draw

Team 12 8:32

Erik Bronson

Dale Somers

Joe Stray

Lyle Teskie

Any questions or concerns, please email

Have fun!!!