Flag Day Tee Times

First day (Flag day)
In case you have never played this day, you will get a flag with a number on it.  Basically the goal is to get the flag the closest to the 18th green as possible. We take a number and add your handicap to it, and this is the number represented on the flag.  Everything must be putt out.  When you hit your number shot wise, place the flag where the ball landed and complete the info on the flag.  If you end up on the green, please mark it and place the flag on the side of the green.  There will be tape measures on 14/15/16/17 next to the green so you can measure if needed.   
A few notes/reminders:
-For flag day, it is imperative that you complete the information on the flag.  We have had a few blank ones in prior years, and when we are picking the flags up, it is difficult to determine whose flag it was, along with the location.  So please make sure your info is correct where you drop the flag.  We do have a few groups picking up flags in the middle to try to make sure none get lost.  Please, if your shot is somewhere weird, mark the flag where it was and place it in or around the fairway.  They are small and easy to miss.  And myself (Erik) being guilty of this with the handwriting of a doctor, please also make sure it is legible.   
-Cost will be regular greens fees paid at the clubhouse.  You can pay for both days on Saturday.  $4.00 skins, paid to Lyle and myself, covers both days ($2.00 for each day).
-Cary and Ken mentioned, if you cannot play or did not have enough scores for the event and have to play at scratch, they will refund the $15.00 if you were paid and don’t want to participate.  Talk to Ken and Cary about this.  I know a few people had to drop out for various reasons.
-Scorecards will be generated Friday 08/11, so this will be the date of the handicaps.  I have noted if enough scores are posted or not/paid (updated as of 08/09).  If you are not paid, please be sure to give Ken, Lyle, or myself the $15.00 for this day.  
-if 8 scores are not posted before flag day, the bylaws state that you must play at scratch for these 2 days.  This really only affects the flag event and net score for both days.  You can still play.
-Mike does have events set after ours on both days, so we do need to try to finish in 4:10.  Mike also needs carts returned as soon as possible as he needs to set up for the next event, so please return them right away after your round.  I know we like to hang out on 18 afterwards.  We are just trying to help a brother out.  I’d recommend bringing a folding chair for after the round.   
-Most importantly, have fun.  Have a few beers.  And, enjoy your company.
 We will have the sign up sheets for Ives Grove and Rivermoor if you wanted to sign up. Don’t forget to sign up for the Grant Cup if you haven’t.  This event is a blast to play.   
 Another event that is a blast to play is coming up (NIMAGA).  If you have never played this before, it is an excellent time.  Hopefully Mr. Haeflinger can bring the trophy home…. again this year (kind of getting repetitive John).  I have attached the application John sent out.  Cost is $65.00 and John can take cash or check.  We will have printed applications for you if you need one.

Hole Events:
A Flight
Close in 1 - Hole 5
Close in 2 - Hole 13
Longest Drive - Hole 16
 B Flight
Close in 1 - Hole 17
Close in 2 - Hole 11
Longest Drive - Hole 12
Hole 18 - longest putt for everyone (We know, real original).  Event holes will be switched from A flight to B flight (and vice versa) for day 2.
Tee Times

****If I (Erik) missed anyone, please let me know as soon as possible and we can adjust, we have a few extra tee times we can utilize).  I double and triple checked my lists/emails, but if your name is supposed to be on here, and it is not, let us know.  We just want to make sure you are accounted for.


(info is current as of 08/09/2023 630AM) Lyle and Erik will have the official cards in the clubhouse.


Jack Fleming - enough scores - paid

Jack Fleming - enough scores - paid

Austin Steuck - enough scores - paid

John Haeflinger - enough scores - paid

(null) - last minute cancellation


Paul Gorecki - enough scores - paid

Dale Somers - enough scores - paid

Jery Barbian - enough scores - paid

Justin Clintsman - not enough scores, only 3 posted - paid


Bernie Raml - enough scores - paid

Dave Kryston - enough scores - paid

Joe Switalski - enough scores - paid

Art Maes - enough scores- paid


Dan Carlson - enough scores - paid

Al Hoover - enough scores - paid

Augie G - enough scores - paid

Scott Schneider - enough scores - paid


John Frankowiak - enough score - paid

Russ Jankowski - enough scores - paid

Vern Olson - enough scores - paid

Melvin Laehn - enough scores - paid


John Becker - enough scores - paid

Joe Stray - enough scores - paid

Mike Benes - enough scores - paid



Bob Gerzewski - enough scores - paid

Ross Hartung - enough scores - paid

Mike Steffes - enough scores - paid

Mike Johnson - enough scores - not paid


Doug Wruck - enough scores - paid

Mike Tomsevics - enough scores -  requested no flag

Joe Kubacki - enough scores - paid

Gary Nelson - enough scores - paid


Mike Bremmer - enough scores - paid

Candy Espinoza - enough scores - paid

Gerry Loga - enough scores - paid



Cary Schmidt (initial flag pick up) - enough scores - paid

Larry Kleineider(initial flag pick up)  - enough scores - paid

Chris Kiehl - enough scores - paid

Bob Freuck - enough scores - paid


Mark Boals - enough scores - paid

William Becker - enough scores - paid

Mark Olen - enough scores - paid

Ryan Olen - not enough scores, 4 posted - paid


Brian Mckinley - enough scores - requested no flag

Ken Lauffer - enough scores - paid

Ed Simmons - enough scores - paid



John Lange - enough scores - paid

Jeremy Zuvich - enough scores - paid

Jack Walfoort - enough scores - paid

Erik Bronson (picking up flag remainder) - enough scores - paid


Signed up for second day only

John Egli

Todd Martinez- not enough scores, only 1 posted

Glen Edman - enough scores - paid


Paid for flag day and not signed up for flag day:

1. Clyde Darty - unable to attend

2. Paul Jonas - enough scores

3. Mike Colloton - unable to attend

4. Jim Riemann - unable to attend

5. Lyle Teskie - enough scores - paid - unable to attend/tenative