4 Man Tee Times

FYI, weather looks like crud for Saturday morning. Mike will not be able to let me know if carts are allowed until 530-6AM Saturday. So please check your email. Keeping my fingers crossed because playing in the pouring rain Saturday at Whitnall was less than spectacular.

Please welcome new member Chip Bifano as well. He will be joining us this weekend.

Here is the team info/times below

Hole events (Sunday is same holes, just switched the flights)

A Flight 19.00 index and under

Close in 1 - Hole 5

Close in 2 - Hole 11

Longest Drive - Hole 16

B Flight 19.01 index and over

Close in 1 - Hole 17

Close in 2 - 13

Longest Drive - 12

Longest putt everyone Hole 18

This event will have a team format: Highest handicap holes 1/2, second highest holes 3/4, third highest 5/6, and lowest holes 7/8, and 2 low net on hole 9. The next best low net will be used so there are 2 scores for every hole. Second 9 same format. Sunday (jacket event day) will be reversed with the low handicap starting.

Tee times are as follows (will be the same both days):


John Haeflinger

Jack Fleming

Bob Freuck

Bill Becker


John Becker

Jack Walfoort

Dale Somers

Erik Bronson


Al Hoover

Doug Wruck

Dan Carlson

John Egli


Joe Switalski

Ross Hartung

Glen Edman

Joe Stray


Bob Gerzewski

John Franckowaik

Clyde Darty

Chip Bifano (8.6 HC per Cary, awaiting confirmation so I can add in the system) - I am aware you may not be able to play Saturday so we will figure something out.


Augie G

Brian McKinley

Jeremy Zuvich

Mark Thiry


Art Maes

Bob Olen

Mark Olen

Ryan Olen


Vern Olson

Russ Jankowski

Ken Lauffer

Gerry Loga


Mike Tomsevics

Paul Gorecki

Mark Boals

Todd Martinez


Larry Kleineider

Chris Christianson

John Lange

Mike Johnson


Jerry Barbian

Mike Bremmer

Candy Espinoza

Dave Casillas


Erik and Mike